The Voice van Vlaanderen 2016


Sinds februari is The Voice Van Vlaanderen terug herbegonnen! Ook ik neem dit jaar deel aan het programma! Wil je meer te weten komen: surf dan snel naar deze pagina en kom alles te weten over mijn avontuur in The Voice!

Wil je mijn blind audition terug zien: kijk dan zeker nog eens via deze link:

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-29 om 11.56.07

Je kan ook de single kopen via iTunes!

Jim Cole

Soul in 2 JC_when_love_is_not_enough_cover


Currently I’m working on a third album. In the mean time you can still check out and buy my previous albums on iTunes or by clicking on the album icons.

Motown with Jim, Sandrine, Brahim and Elke

Motown 50 tour 2010

In 2010, me and a couple of soul mates went on tour with a concept that was pretty hot at the time: Motown50. This year, 2015, we’ll be presenting you Motown55!

Last Aid Kids

Last Aid Kids front.jpg

In 2015, a brand new music group came to the surface. With an EP produced and mixed by Reinhard Vanbergen (The Happy, Das Pop,…) and mastered at Cosmos Mastering in Sweden by Niek Meul (Das Pop), the eclectic but cold and dark sound of this band didn’t get unnoticed! Download the EP on iTunes here

Or listen to it on Spotify:

Or on Soundcloud:

Or Bandcamp:



Southern Soul with Jim Sofie, Kevin and Tutu



In 2013, I managed to persuade new and old Belgian talented singers to join me for a tribute tour about Stax and Atlantic Soul.

Flat.Wounds (Humo’s Rock Rally 2014)

In 2014, a project with Rhythm&Blues music was discovered by Humo and we were selected for the first round of Humo’s Rock Rally 2014. This is a picture of us playing that gig.



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